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Tough Equipment for Rugged Aggregate Environments

Asphalt and Aggregate plants and sites have some of the most hard worked equipment in construction. Plants use conveyors to process their material, and motors and power transmissions are critical throughout the process. Belt-driven rock crushers, pellet mills, and other applications require crusher duty motors rated for severe duty service and high starting torques. Various pumps are used for dewatering, water transfer or viscous material. Whether you’re pumping fluid with the specific gravity of water or have a thick slurry requiring water jetting prior to transfer, you need equipment that is just as tough as the material it processes.

Delta Electro Power has direct access to the highest quality manufacturers in the industry for asphalt services. It’s not enough that the equipment works, it needs to last. In the New England area’s asphalt plants, quarries and material sites usually run on a condensed season due to inclement weather. We offer preventative maintenance programs that take advantage of the time processes are offline - we can provide equipment, turn key preventative maintenance service, or both.

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  • Christine Ortiz, AR Metallizing

    Delta is a strategic partner who delivers on their commitments. Their application engineering spans across entire systems; motor, fluid and controls to ensure process needs are met at the best efficiency points. I highly recommend them based on their technical acumen, focus on service and commitment to quality.