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Mechanical Services

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Custom Mechanical Services and Solutions

All mechanical repair services are completed by our team with over 400+ years of combined experience. Utilizing our 15,000-square foot machine and mechanics shop in Cranston, RI, we are able to accomodate all of our New England customers' needs. We can repair your equipment to keep you running or design, build and install custom solutions to deliver your process needs. We look beyond the obvious to ensure upstream and downstream issues are identified upfront. This is value you won’t find anywhere else.

We offer a variety of industrial equipment services to fit your needs.

Questions About Our Mechanical Services?

Service Categories

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Motor Repairs & Rewinds

Delta Electro Power offers mechanical repairs, computerized rewinds, and custom redesign of all makes of NEMA and Metric motors. Delta is U.L. certified to perform both Electrical & Mechanical repairs on Explosion Proof Motors and is one of New England’s largest Factory Authorized Warranty Motor Repair Facilities for Baldor, ABB, Teco-Westinghouse, Leeson, Marathon, Weg, as well other motor manufacturers. As an EASA member, we are able to confirm Electrical and Mechanical specifications ensuring the quality of our repairs. Our Motors Repairs & Rewinds services include:

• Fractional to 3,500 HP motors

• Full voltage testing capabilities: 12V to 4160 VA

• Full shop crane with 5 ton capacity

• Diagnostic testing and analysis

• Reconditioning and complete overhaul of electric motors

• Rewind Inverter Duty™ wire stator assembly

• Class 'H' Insulation standard

• Authorized UL Certified Explosion Proof electric motor repairs

Pump Repairs

We offer pump repairs for all pump makes and models including: submersible, vertical centrifugal, sludge, AODD, positive displacement, blowers. Vacuum piston and gas/deisel driven. Along with our 24/7/365 emergency pump repair service, we offer pump and equipment pickup & delivery. Additional services include:

• In-house or on-site pump repairs, pump rebuilds, and pump refurbishments

• Pump and valve repair

• Gearbox repair and no-load spin testing

Other Repairs

We also repair blowers, vacuum pumps, mechanical pumps, mechanical seals, mixers, agitators, fans, and more.

• Pump machining & sandblasting

• Expert machining and hard to find parts manufacturing

• Protective coatings for pump impellers, diffusers and more

• Impeller repair & rebuilding, balancing, and trimming

• Pump dynamic balancing

• ROI based pump surveys

• Predictive maintenance

• Vibration analysis

• Mechanical seal conversions/installations

• Laser alignment

• Pump installation services

• Impeller repair & rebuilding, balancing, and trimming

• Client training programs for pump maintenance & more

• All brands of Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps

• Fluid handling equipment repair

24/7 Field Services

If you’re in the New England area, Delta offers emergency field services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Delta also offers the following testing and maintenance services:

• Industrial control systems & turnkey installations and troubleshooting

• Vibration analysis for motors, pump, HVAC, and drive equipment

• Dynamic balancing rotating equipment

• Laser alignment services

• Pump station management systems- turnkey installations and troubleshooting

• MSHA Earth Ground Testing

• Solid State Control System installation and start up

Machine Shop Services

Our complete in-house shop services include:

• Shaft journal and housing repairs

• Fabrication

• Dynamic balancing

• Spray welding

• Welding

• Sandblasting

• Blower wheel repairs

• Epoxy and ceramic coatings and specialty

Other Services

Delta offers many additional services. Not seeing the service you need from the list below? Contact us to see how we can help.

• Air Compressor Sales and Service

• AC Generator Repair and Replacement

• VFD system design

• Drive system redesign and retrofit

• Speed reducer rebuild

• Blower units and fan recondition and overhauls

• Belt and sheave replacement

What our happy customers are saying

  • Tony Langford, JR Vinagro Corp.

    "Delta provides us with the best service – whether it is providing new motors and equipment or repairs on existing ones, we contact Delta because we know they will be there 24/7 to do what is right and whatever it takes to keep us up and running."

  • Leo Furtado, Decas Cranberry

    "Delta looks beyond just replacing equipment. Recently we had an application that used cast iron pumps that failed regularly. Delta identified the PH level in our waste was causing the pumps to fail prematurely. Delta identified a stainless steel alternative that will save us money over the years to come."